Authorization Note to Sell Hametz, by the Beit Din of Rabbi Frank, Jerusalem, 1940’s, Judaica

Authorization note, for sale of Hametz by Beit Din Zedek of Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank, Rabbi Yossef Gershon Horowitz and Rabbi Eliyahu Romm.
Signatures of sellers and other lists of sellers, handwritten by the selling rabbis.

Among the signatories on the note, appear some names of the elite of the Holy City, among them Rabbi “Shmuel Bornstein” On mission for his father Rebbe of Sochachev, Rabbi Hanoch Bornstein, and more.

The reverse and the two other pages with a list of the sellers and their groceries.

Very good condition, some stains and wrinkles.
Measures: 32.5cm X 20.5cm / 12.8in X 8in.

S/N:  0099-8173



Very good, some stains and wrinkles.



32.5cm X 20.5cm / 12.8in X 8in.




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